About Mikko Kokslien

Date of birth: 10.03.85

Hometown: Lillehammer, Norway

Team: NTG Lillehammer

Club: Søre Ål Idrettslag

I was born the 10th of mars 1985 in Lillehammer. Apparently I liked it here, since it`s been my hometown for the last 25 years.

I grew up to be a very active kid. Both my mom, Sirpa, and dad, Ola, are former skiers and I picked up their game. My father grew up in Lillehammer and my mother is from Lahti, Finland. They met in Northern Michigan University, both attending a cross country scholarship. They have been a huge help for me and my career. They have never pushed me, but always supported me and made it possible for me to practice my sport.

In September of 1988 my first brother came around, Emil. He had a tragic accident a few months old, and became handicapped. He has always been a big part of my life and will be. He is a very happy boy, or today a man, and I am very proud of him. 27th of January 1991 my second brother was born. Jari was quite the opposite of Emil, and was always on the run to my big despair. But as the years went by he “calmed” down, and we are now good friends. Overall we are an active family with big contrasts.
For myself, my childhood was very active. I loved to play around in the front yard, jumping and running around on skis. I also attended football and track and field, but skiing and Nordic combined was the sport for me. I remember wanting to be the best Nordic Combined skier in the world at age 9.

So the years went by, and I was quit talented in ski jumping and cross country. I think I won almost every competition I attended from age 7 till 14. But then I started struggling a bit with the ski jumping part. Ever since, I’ve taken small steps each year, and starting this year, I`ve made a huge progress. Patience is a good thing..

Off sports, I’m just a normal guy enjoying life to the full. A big part of my life is my friends. Just hang around doing fun stuff. I really enjoy traveling. That’s something I get through my sport as well, but to being on a beach far far away, with no duties, is something else. I am a sort of a dreamer who loves what life has to offer. I got the Padi Diving Certificate, so I enjoy the water as often as I can.

I am also studying a bit on the side, as well as working for my sponsor, Blostrupmoen, as a first aid instructor.

That’s pretty much me


2004 Stryn
2005 Pragelato
2007 Stryn
2009 Liberec
2009 Vikersund
2010 Vancouver
2010 Lillehammer
2011 Steinkjer

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