Season End

The season is now over. It has been a season with some moments of joy,
with my victory in Lillehammer as one of my career highlights,
but overall it has been a journey of struggle.
I have not made the steps I was hoping for in ski jumping
and the World Championships was a big disappointment.

Now it’s history. I look forward for what comes, and I am in a position for great opportunity of improvement.

Les mer... [ 31.03.15 11:50 ]

The Highlight 2015, FALUN

Falun is just around the corner. World Championships 2015.
We have been on a pre camp in Oberstdorf with perfect conditions.
Maybe a bit to perfect, knowing the weather history of Falun. But anyways we’ve had the best preparations we could have had.
Les mer... [ 15.02.15 22:10 ]




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