Too looong Break!

The last two weeks has been spent with family home and at
my girlfriend’s home on the west coast of Norway.
It’s been a nice and quiet time. It has also made time for a lot of training.
I attended a cross-country race on the 26th of December,
and it was a nice experience.
Despite frozen fingers and a hard race, it was fun to ski with the specialists.

Les mer... [ 06.01.16 17:14 ]

Ramsau next!

It's been a long start to the season, with few competitions.
We had two good comps in Lillehammer and it looks good for
Ramsau this weekend.

After some days training in Rasmau, it will start tomorrow with the
official training. Things feel good, and I am ready for the weekend!

Les mer... [ 17.12.15 15:24 ]




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