Thank you!

The season is over.

It’s been a bulky ride. Mixed emotions. Highs and lows.
Olympics were my dream, and it was crushed.
Then again, I performed over a longer period in the World Cup
before the Olympics. So I am sort of happy with what I did,
but more keen than ever to show next year what I can do.

Les mer... [ 21.03.14 17:35 ]

Pre-Camp Olympics

The WC Season now ends for a while,
and we’re soon off to Olympics in Sochi!
It has been a nice period after Christmas,
with the first victory of the season, and some other good results.
It was an amazing weekend in Chaux-Neuve,
and also fantastic to witness the prerformences of
Håvard Klemetsen and Magnus Moan in the Triple this weekend.
Now we are in St. Moritz and enjoying skiing and sun for a week.

Les mer... [ 21.01.14 18:15 ]




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